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Professional translation and certification agency


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Diligent service for the last 12 years
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  • Over 12 years of translation management experience

    We offer you the benefits of 12 years of translation industry management experience, more than 80 translation languages. We have produced an annual translation processing capacity of 20 million words. Our world-class interpretation services have serviced 2,000 sessions.

  • A pool of 20,000 document translators

    A powerful translator base to meet your needs quickly and fully

  • 10 industry glossary

    We provide high-quality, professional translation services

  • We offer free trial translations for up to 200 words

    Quality is guaranteed

  • 100% free after-sales service

    Your translations are guaranteed, because your satisfaction is our sole objective

  • Safe and reliable

    We insure that all your files are kept 100% confidential


Provide you with high-quality translations

Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center is a professional translation agency registered at and approved by the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce. The center is also a professional translation certification body filed with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.Since its establishment, Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center has acquired 12 years of experience in the industry, and we work with more than 80 languages.  More

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